Tinted and Shaded Circles

Once students know how to mix basic colors, they can learn how to tint (add white), and shade (add black) to a color.
1. Each student gets a paper plate with white and black tempera, a brush, water, and the circled paper.
I pre-printed 3" circles on 9" x 12" paper.
2. Students chose just one other color (red, blue, turquoise, orange, etc.) which is added to their plate. They are to mix that color with white and black, in varying proportions, to make many new colors. As these colors are created, they are to paint rings on the circled paper again and again until it is filled in. The goal is to have at least 2 shades or tints filled in each circle. Encourage lots of variety.
CA Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression, Grade Four
2.2 Mix and apply tempera paints to create tints and shades.
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