Homemade “Oscars”

Sometimes unusual requests lead to new discoveries. This time a parent was looking for student-made awards for an event he was hosting. I found a pretty easy way for a class of 2nd graders to make these “Oscars”.
PREP: A small amount of clay was stuck in the bottom of a baby food jar. I used a scissors and hammer to poke a hole the in the lid of the jar, and a knife create a slit. I also poked an extra hole for air to circulate and let the clay dry. A jumbo popsicle stick was placed through the lid and all the way into the clay for stability. The jar was glued to a tuna can with craft glue. Let dry overnight.
1. Students used air dry clay to make a figure around the stick. I had them start by making a “sandwich” with the stick in the middle. My only request was that their figure had arms crossed like a real Oscar statue does. Let dry for a day in the sun.
2. Students used black acrylic paint to cover the jar and can, and golden brown to cover their statues. Let dry overnight.
3. The final (and most fun!) touch was to paint sparkly gold paint on the figures, and Mod Podge on the base to make things shiny. I can picture turning these into a fun Father’s Day gift.
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