Wild Side/Calm Side Self Portraits

This lesson starts with a discussion about how lines and colors can show emotion. A great book to read first is "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" which shows a lot of emotion with simple line drawings.
1. Students are given a head and shoulder cardboard template to trace in pencil on a sheet of paper. Next they draw a line down the middle of the head.
2. Students choose one side and draw face features and hair in a "wild" manner. Lots of zig-zags and energetic lines may be used. The remaining side of the face and neck are drawn with simple, smooth "calm" lines. When complete, all the pencil lines are traced with a thick black marker.
3. Students fill in the "wild" side with crazy colors (generally red and orange) and the "calm" side with peaceful colors. I think oil pastels produce the most vivid results, but crayons can work too.
4. Make sure the students also fill in the background. Remind them that the goal is for both sides to look very different.

CA Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression, Grade One
2.4 Plan and use variations in line, shape/form, color, and texture to communicate ideas or feelings in works of art.
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