Magazine Collage Bird

Sometimes old projects can kind of morph into new ones, either by choice or necessity. In this case I ran out of boxes to do my “Recycle Rooster” lesson, so I switched to magazine pages and this sweet baby chick was created by a talented 3rd grader.
1. I was inspired by the collage animals in the “Farmyard Beats” book. Students saw how they could create roosters and/or chicks using some very simple shapes. Using old magazines, students looked for colorful pages to cut into half circles for the body and wings, circles for the head, and triangles for the beak. All were glued down with a glue stick.
2. Skinny legs and a little eye were drawn in with a marker.
2. Students used watercolor paint to add color to the background. The nice part about magazine pages is that they are coated so they don't easily absorb any paint that bumps into them.
Thanks to Sophie M. for letting me share her beautiful bird.
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