Moringa Tree Painting

I’m returning to Haiti this summer, as part of Project Hope Art’s ongoing effort to bring creative, whimsical, and educational activities to children in both Port-Au-Prince and beyond.

On this trip, our main focus will working with Moringa Trees. Also known as the “Miracle Tree,” research has shown that this tree can be a powerful tool in combating hunger and malnutrition in developing countries. The Moringa Tree gets its power from its extremely dense vitamin content, in combination with its ability to grow quickly and heartily in many types of difficult climates, including the subtropical climate in Haiti. As we work with planting these trees, children will also have a chance to paint one. This drawing is made with crayon, complete with white roots, and watercolors. I’ve yet to met a child that doesn’t think there’s some kind of magic in how the white roots suddenly appear when painted over.

To support this July trip to Haiti, please see our “Rainbows to Haiti” drive at Indiegogo. Thanks everyone!

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