Popsicle Stick Cabins

These new little popsicle sticks (they’re 2 1/2" long) that I found at Michael’s remind me of my parent’s log cabin in Tennessee. Here’s one way to make little houses that could serve well as colorful refrigerator magnets. Or add some snow and a string for a holiday decoration? Let your imagination see what it can come up with.
1. Follow the steps shown in my small diagram above. I like using Aleene’s Tacky Glue to connect all the sticks as it is thicker and seems to set up faster. Start by gluing 6 sticks onto two, and try to make the bottom edge flush and the top with a bit of stick still showing.
2. Cut three pieces at an angle as shown, and glue to another stick. I used a heavy scissors and it took a lot of pressure, so I wouldn’t advise that kids try to cut this.
3. Glue the two sections together and let dry.
4. With an Ultra Fine tip black Sharpie, draw some details on the front of the house.
5. Use a crayon to color the front of the house.
6. Glue the final two roof sticks on top. Glue magnets on the back, if desired.
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