Pipe Cleaner Doll

This doll-making project can be a good introduction to hand sewing.
1. The head is made from a 1" diam. wood ball that has a center hole. Fold a large pipe cleaner in half and insert through ball so that loop sticks out of one end.
2. Gather a small bunch of doll hair and stick it through the loop so that it is centered on the head. Pull the pipe cleaner down so that the hair is pulled snugly to the ball.
3. Twist the pipe cleaner together so that it becomes the spine of the doll. Fold another pipe cleaner in half, twist to make it strong, and wrap it around the spine to make the arms. Fold one last pipe cleaner in half, twist, and wrap to the bottom of the spine to make the legs. Embroidery floss is wrapped around the legs and arms to secure the folds and add color.
4. Give students lots of felt, heavy sewing thread and a needle and let them design an outfit for their doll.
5. Permanent markers may be used to draw facial features.

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