Art Journaling 130

I am still on a quest to find simple layering techniques for my afterschool art journal class. Many detailed adult journals that I've admired have had as many as 5 or 6, but with students as young as kinder, I’ve found having them just focus on 2 layers is a good start.
1. This is intended as a title page for a new art journal session. I first traced my hand in pencil, and wrote the words inside.
2. I again used my favorite new watercolor paints, the Crayola Watercolor Mixing Set that I can only seem to find online. Love the violet and cyan that it includes! I painted the entire page with just some simple free-form blotches of color.
3. I took some white acrylic paint and watered it down, making it about the consistency of milk. I painted all around my hand, trying not to work the paper too much. The watercolor will start to mix with the white if you brush it too much. A little mixing is good, a lot might undo the transparent look.
4. When the paint was dry, I used a Sharpie to trace my hand and words so they would show up really well.

NOTE: In response to a question about which journals I like to use, I've settled on this Canson Field Sketchbook in the 7" x 10" size. The spiral opening is important, and the hard cover stands up to a bit of abuse. If you buy in bulk, they are about $9 each.
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