Art Journaling 131

I like to try new products on the market, and had fun today with Crayola’s new “Mixing Mediums”. They’ve made “Texture It”, “Pearl It” and “Glitter It” paint which are designed to add some special effects to your artwork. Adding the glitter paint to my journal leaf page added a nice little sparkle, and inspired my quote.
1. To draw a nice big maple leaf on my page, I followed the steps in my post “How to Draw a Maple Leaf”. When I was done, I traced my leaf with a black Sharpie.
2. My background is made from cut strips of tissue paper, which are glued down with a glue stick. I’m growing very fond of the purple variety as they let you see where you have covered, but dry perfectly clear. I worked from side of the page to the other, making a wide vertical strip of glue, tearing off and attaching a strip of tissue paper, and then repeating with another color. With a light touch, I rubbed a bit of glue over the tops of the strips to make sure there were no loose edges. Let dry for about 15 minutes, or until the stickiness is gone.
3. I traced the leaf again with a black Sharpie marker.
4. Lastly I filled in the leaf with a thin layer of the “Glitter It” paint. My inspiration for a glitter quote came at this time, so I added with my black Sharpie. Another option might be lots of smaller maple leaves, moving around on the page, or more words describing fall in general. It’s up to you!
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