Kindergarten Hand Print Quilt

Brag alert! I was organizing my room and came across a long-lost photo of a quilt I made with my son’s kinder class. (He just entered high school, to put a time reference on this.)

For this project, each kinder got their own white panel of cotton fabric, which was taped to a piece of cardboard. They had help in tracing their hand with a fabric marker and writing their name on it below. To add a bit more color, each student was allowed to spray their fabric with some push-pump fabric dye that I found at Jo-Ann’s.

When the fabric was dry, I washed and ironed each panel to set the colors. I worked out a sewing plan as I went along, coordinating a colored edge around each panel, creating rows and then a border around the entire quilt. A bit of the edge is missing from this photo as the corners each had a yellow square in the center of a dark green square.

I recall that machine-quilting the front to a cotton back was not easy on my home machine, but it worked out in the end. I loved the finished quilt, and believe that it sold for about $350 at our school’s silent auction.
Not bad for ten years ago!
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