Kinder Portfolio Art Project

I found this art and book combination over at Teach Kids Art. The book by Peter Reynolds titled “The Dot” is short and sweet and has a wonderful art message. And the simple lesson of just painting lots of dots on a posterboard was fun without having a lot of directions to follow.
1. I prefolded 28" x 22" posterboard almost in half, leaving about 4" extending on one side. This is saved for the student’s name. (Make sure any shiny surfaces are on the inside as the paint will not stick to it.)
2. Each student received their posterboard face up, along with several spillproof cups of liquid watercolor. “Dip, dip, wipe, wipe” was explained for those new to painting, which helps to keep the brushes from getting overloaded with paint. Students practiced making large, medium and small dots, just like the little girl in “The Dot” book. They were allowed to trade their cups with their neighbors to get a variety of colors.
3. Being that readability was important for the names on these, I asked the teachers to print the students names carefully with a fat black Sharpie marker.
4. After the paint was dry, the sides were taped together with either a clear or colorful tape. These portfolios will help keep art safe until our fall art fundraisers are over.
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