Kinder Line Art Project

Starting a kinder art class with a book is very helpful in establishing focus but can also be an opportunity to merge the art lesson with their other studies. Kinders in CA start off the year learning about horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Finding just the right book can often be a test but, I think this one is near perfect. “Little Green” by Keith Baker has beautiful illustrations of a hummingbird flying in zig-zags, loop-de-loops, and various patterns across the pages.
1. Each student is given a large sheet of paper, 11" x 17" or so, and a thick black marker. Following my sample on the board, I have them draw a zig-zag line from edge to edge across the paper. Then, they add a loop-de-loop, a wavy line and a straight horizontal line.
2. They then draw one straight vertical line and one diagonal line, wherever they like. The result is lots of closed spaces to fill with color.
3. All spaces are to be carefully colored in. If your budget allows, try the new Crayola Slick Stix as they are truly oil pastels for the young. My kinders all say “they’re so smooth!” when they first try them out.
NOTE: I love the concept of merged lesson plans and I'll be posting about similar publications as often as I can. If you know of any, please share.
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