Over and Under Snake

Learning to draw overlapping shapes is the first step to working with depth. I found this project to be a fun way for students to think about what is in ‘front’ and what is in ‘back’.
1. Starting with a sheet of white drawing paper, the students are to draw one long continuous curved line that overlaps itself at least once, but no more than twice. When complete, they need to draw another parallel line next to it, at least an inch away. One end needs to have a head attached, and one end needs to turn into a tail. Whenever the snake crosses over itself, the student has to decide which part is in front, and erase the lines inside so that the snake no longer looks “see through”.
2. When complete, the drawing is traced with a thin black marker, and then colored in with oil pastels. Encourage the students to keep it simple as too many crossovers get confusing.
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