Animals Eyes

Learning how to draw well involves paying attention to detail, which is what this project focuses on.
1. Color copies of enlarged animal eye photos are needed for each student. If you have a color printer and access to the internet, go to and search for animal face photos. Or if you have magazines and a scanner and color printer, you can make your own. A variety of eyes from fish, tigers, elephants, etc. are helpful so the students can choose one that they find most interesting.
2. Crop the photos so that they are all in a square format and draw a line through the middle in both directions. Give the students a square blank paper that is a larger than the photo, and ask them to draw a line through the middle in both directions.
3. Demonstrate how the students can see where the lines intersect shapes in their eye photos, and if they draw the shapes in the same place on their blank paper, they can make a fairly accurate enlargement.
4. After the eye shapes are all drawn in pencil, ask them to color in the entire eye with the necessary colors in pencil crayon.
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