Mexican Landscape

Diversity Day is approaching, so I’m trying to integrate each classroom’s chosen country into their art lessons. No small task, but for some reason I enjoy the challenge. A second grade class made this drawing today, which was an exercise in drawing close shapes large and far shapes small.
1. I started with colored paper so that the houses could be colored a nice, bright white. With a pencil, a horizon line was drawn about 1/3 of the way down the paper. I asked the students to draw a vertical wavy road, and then add at least three houses along that road. The closest house was to be the largest, the next smaller, and so on. I demonstrated some simple examples of Spanish-style houses with tile roofs and wooden doors. Trees could also be added, keeping the close ones large, etc.
2. When the drawing was done, the pencil lines were traced with a fine tip black Sharpie.
3. Lastly, all the shapes were colored in with colored pencils. The students seemed to enjoy this project more than most so I'm going to maybe try variations of it in the future. 

CA Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression, Grade Two
2.3 Depict the illusion of depth (space) in a work of art, using overlapping shapes, relative size, and placement within the picture.
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