How to Draw King Tut

This lesson can be a good supplement to a history lesson on Egypt.
1. Working with large paper (at least 11" x 17") have the students fold the paper in half vertically so that the face can be centered easily. Start by showing them how to draw a large "U" in the middle that is centered on the fold. A line closes the top, and another parallel line is added below.
2. The face may be filled in next. This can be a good time to review proportions of most faces. A key addition to making the Egyptian look is to add the lines on the outside of the eyes.
3. Add neck lines below the head, and a headpiece that curves in at the bottom.
4. Stripes are added to the headpiece. Encourage the students to draw one side and then do their best to make a symmetrical copy on the other.
5. Sharpie permanent markers are needed to trace all the lines. The gold tempera paint is very transparent and can just be painted over the lines. I gave the students a choice of painting the alternate stripes in either red or blue or purple.
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