Felt-Covered Journal

This project is good for smaller groups as it requires purchasing a few items, albeit inexpensive ones.
1. Gather or buy chip board and cut to a 6"x9" size, two for each student. Cut 9"x12" drawing paper in half to match the chip board. Place about 1/2" stack of drawing paper between the boards and take to Staples or the equivalent to have wire bound on one side. Have one book made for each student.
2. Cut oversized felt rectangles and pin together to make two sleeves for the book. Show the students how to make a whip stitch around the cardboard edges with colorful embroidery floss. When complete, pin and stitch the two sleeves together on the binding edge.
3. Using the felt scraps, show the students how to cut out decorative shapes and attach with fabric glue.

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