Self-Portrait Painting

Years ago I taught my first self-portrait project in my son's 2nd grade classroom. They've since become a favorite of students and their parents and have served
as great fundraising tools. 1. I started with 5" x 7" canvas panels and an assortment of acrylic paint. It helps if you include lots of skin tones, as well as other bright colors when purchasing your paint. During the first class session, I had the students just choose one color and paint the entire background. Let dry for at least one day.
2. Distribute small brushes and paint. Ask the students to paint in an oval face and then a neck. A simple shirt is painted below and the hair is added around the face. Let canvases dry for at least another day.
3. Here's where I learned that it's too hard to paint lines on the face with a brush. You're better off passing out Sharpie markers for the features and signature on the chest when complete.
4. You can then attach all your 5" x 7" canvases to one surface, or as in my case, scan them to computer, make a collage and a nice glossy print for everyone in the class.
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