Popsicle Portraits

 This was a very successful Mother’s Day project last year. Magnets could be added so the art could go right on the fridge.
1. Students glue their own jumbo popsicle stick boards together with craft glue.
2. They draw their portrait in a 4" square on white drawing paper.
3. When the pencil drawing is done, a Sharpie permanent marker is used to trace the drawing in black. Colored Sharpies are used to fill in skin tones and background. When the square is completely colored and a name is added, the 4" square is cut out with scissors.
4. Make a 50/50 mix of water and white glue and have each student brush the entire popsicle board AND the backside of the drawing. Center the drawing on the board, press down and brush over with the watered down glue to seal. Let dry and mount on magnets, if desired.
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