Cliff Dwelling Landscape

I found this landscape to be especially successful with boys, who love the idea of drawing their own fortresses with ladders, windows, etc.
1. Hand out 18" x 12" sheets of drawing paper. Starting on one side of the paper, demonstrate to the students how to draw a continuous line with perpendicular angles up and down to create the first layer of buildings. Students should only draw with a chalk pastel as pencils tend to lead to too much detail. This line should generally be near the bottom section of the paper. The students are to fill in this layer in with color, and blend the color into the paper with their fingers.
2. Next they draw another building line from left to right, a little higher up, taking care to make it different from the first. They fill in with color and blend again.
3. Next, the background sky is to be filled in with color.
4. Large permanent markers are needed to draw and color random rectangles to represent windows. Ledges may be added, along with ladders that connect the two.

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